Fun Stuff

My son Ashton’s 6th birthday party

It’s hard work rock climbing as a 43 year old!

These are the videos (from a GoPro on my chest) of us all having a great time rock climbing. These little kids climb like little monkeys. Very cute…

Ashton’s video – 1 of 4     Ashton’s video – 2 of 4     Ashton’s video – 3 of 4     Ashton’s video – 4 of 4

Blowing out the candles 🙂


We exercise quite a bit

A few fun photos of me racing or training

Training in the Eastern Suburbs allows for some magnificent views

IMG_1847     IMG_1674

Racing with my Eastern Suburbs Cycling team at Lansdowne – a dedicated racing track

IMG_1268     1113-356 11x7x150 dpi Daniel Corbett


At my ‘home track’ – Heffron Park in Maroubra



Our Christmas Break 2015

My youngest son Ashton learning to climb a tree


Painting of the old fence and then the new one

backyard fence - old     backyard fence - new

My eldest son (16) William cutting down the old clothes line and putting up a new one

William dissembling the old clothes line     new clothes lines

and changing the front fence from cream to Woodland Grey

Progress on the front fence - initially cream transforming to Woodland Grey     Progress on the front fence - initially cream transforming to Woodland Grey


Fireworks to ring in the new year

NYE fireworks at Coogee